Silicon Crystal Downhole Recorders

Tool Overview

Silicon sensor CalScan manufactures a variety of 3/4" and 1.25" downhole gauges

Calscan offers a complete line of electronic downhole pressure loggers based on industry standard strain sensors.

How durable?

Customers can modify their TCP (Tubing Conveyed Perforating) Drop bar and attach a Badger+ inline. With proper setup, nine times out of ten the tool will survive the drop and explosion.

Fast Service

When your tool does need service you can count on our experienced technicians to quickly diagnose the problem, and get the tool back in your hands. Typically you will receive your tool in less than two weeks after we have received the tool at our factory in Canada. Why so fast? Calscan Tools have an extremely low failure rate.

Accurate and NIST Traceable Calibration

All of our tools are calibrated on a NIST traceable deadweight with temperatures varying from 0°C to +200°C. These are primary references and the most accurate way to calibrate. We do not use a secondary reference such as another pressure sensor to calibrate with.


Once the data is collected, be it 1 hour or 1 year, it is processed on our Windows software CalWin. Information important for the test is added such as a company name, location, and Hawk serial number. After this information is provided, a one page chart in PDF format is produced. This PDF chart can then be quickly printed, saved and/or emailed.


Tool Datasheets



The Badger+ logs to temperatures up to 150°C. With pressure accuracies of 0.024% FS, this tool provides high quality data for your downhole tests. Though the temperature rating is 150°C we do not recommend it for long term tests at 130°C or greater, as the silicon crystal tends to drift more on extended tests at elevated temperatures. Instead, look at the Badger HT or Wolverine quartz tools.


When your test requires fast responding temperature and accurate pressure, the Badger triple tool has an external temperature probe. This allows you to have accurate, quick, wet temperatures that would otherwise be affected by the thermal delay from the tool housing.

On typical downhole recorders the temperature response is very slow since the temperature sensor is located as near to the pressure sensor as possible for the pressure to be accurately calculated. To speed things up, a wet or external temperature sensor is needed to detect fast changing temperature transients.


Badger LT

The Badger LT’s innovative TOS sealing mechanism and larger sub CC battery is designed for long term tests for temperatures up to 150°C. This tool has pressure accuracies of 0.024% FS at a resolution of 0.0003% FS.

Badger HT

The Badger HT is designed to log in high temperatures up to 177°C, and uses the TOS seals to prevent leaking in harsh conditions. This tool has pressure accuracies of 0.05% FS.


When you need to log in a tight spot, the Mole+ has a ¾” diameter. Not as rugged as the Badger, we recommend using it when space is tight such as in endless tubing.