Test Pad

Test Pad is a fully customizable software package that calculates flow rates and volumes during a production test, and presents the data and results in a convenient format.

Measurements are entered, and the calculated results are displayed in a spreadsheet-like data table. Comments and remarks can be added to the table based on a time line. Cut, Copy, and Paste functions are available. If your data is in a spreadsheet or text file, simply copy and paste data into Test Pad.

The data, as well as any comments, can be used to create a PDF final report for your client.

Contact us at testpad@calscan.net or call us at 780-944-1377 for orders, renewals and support.

Test Pad PDF brochure with screen shots


Demo: Must have Microsoft .NET framework installed

Download Demo: Unzip folder and run the setup

Full version: You must have an activated dongle or Test Pad will not run.

Download Full Version: Unzip folder and run the the setup


Test Pad Measurement Solutions

Fluid Types: Gas, Oil, Water, Condensate

Gas Meter Types: Turbine, Orifice, Flow Prover, V Cone, Measured Rate

Liquid Meters: Turbine, Measured Rate, Measured Level, Measured Level (BS&W compensated), Produced Volume Cumulative, Produced Volume Gain

Multiple meters and customized names are handled easily.

Gas Equations of State Supported:
AGA8-92 Gross
AGA8-92 Detailed
Redlich-Kwong with Wichert-Aziz sour gas correction

ASCII and Excel Exporting: Test Pad can directly export Excel files or generate ASCII text files.

PAS File Generation: Test Pad can export an Alberta ERCB PRD PAS file for electronic submission of test data. You can also import well data from pre-existing PRD PAS files into Test Pad.
ASCII and Excel Exporting: Test Pad can directly export Excel files or generate ASCII text files.

Calculate Fluid and Frac Gas Recovery: Option of monitoring CO2 and N2 gas Frac Fluid recovery separate from well production, allowing for more accurate well production calculations.

Additional Features

Test Pad advanced graphing handles millions of data points. Graphs are simple to make and are completely customizable.

Create a customized report template and store it for future use.

Import data directly from Calscan recorders directly via a bin file.

Autosave feature prevents loss of work and time in case of system or power failure.

Can calculate different fluid flow rates from tank levels and BS&W cuts.

Level measurements supported for both vertical and horizontal tanks. Measurements are compensated for flat, spherical and semi-elliptical heads.

Production totals calculate the flow rates, accumulations and fluid ratios (GOR, WOR, etc.)

Units of measurement in both Imperial and SI standards. All measurements and calculations are converted when changing units.