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Calscan Solutions has been designing and manufacturing custom measurement tools for the oil and gas industry since 1995. As a manufacture we are constantly on the search for new product ideas to keep our company busy.

In 2009 to address high maintenance costs with wet fuel gas damaging pneumatic instrumentation, Calscan started developing solar powered electronic control technology to eliminate the need for fuel gas on the well site. Its been only recently that the sheer scale of GHG emissions, mostly methane, being vented from oil & gas facilities has come to the public's attention. Ten years ago we saw the venting with our own eyes and realized Calscan had a opportunity to develop pragmatic methane measurement and mitigation solutions that will save the industry money while helping Canada meet its GHG emission reduction goals.

With hundreds of installed Bear zero emission separators across Alberta and BC, Calscan and our forward thinking industry partners have prevented thousands of tons of greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere. Calscan is committed to “Keeping the Sky Blue” by reducing well site methane emissions through innovative and progressive design such as our new Bear Fail Safe System.


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In Canada

Calscan Solutions - Edmonton ( Main Office )
4188 93 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta
T6E 5P5

Ph:(780) 944-1377
Fax: (780) 944-1406

For Product and Sales Information E-mail: sales@calscan.net

For Methane Measurement and Controls Solutions: htessier@calscan.net

For return of product for repair/service E-mail: rma@calscan.net


In the United States

Calscan Solutions - Houston ( Service, Sales, and Support )
23274 Pine Shadows Lane
Porter, Texas 77365

Ph: (281) 354-1236

For Product and Sales Informations: earnold@calscan.net