Downhole Pressure Measurement

Calscan specializes in downhole pressure measurement. In addition to the many classes of downhole gauges (Fast acting / High temperature / Quartz / etc...), we also have Surface Read Out (SRO) solutions for practically instantaneous measurement of downhole pressure from surface, and have developed an industry leading Bubble Tube measurement system for demanding pressure measurement applications.


Silicon Crystal Gauges (Badger+ / Mole+ / Triple Tool)

Calscan gauges are rugged, reliable, and dependable. We have gauges for High Temperatures, Long-Term Testing, Harsh Conditions, Fast Wet Temperature Applications, etc. More>>>

Quartz Gauges (Wolverine)

Calscan's Wolverine class of quartz downhole tools provides the oilfield industry with superior data, reliability and performance. More>>>

SRO and BubbleTube

Calscan offers both permanent and temporary solutions for instantaneous measurements of downhole pressure from surface. More>>>