Bear Fail Safe Controls 

Hazardous location certified for Class I Div/Zone 2 from -40°C to 50°C, Bear Controls are DIN rail mountable and are normally installed in a RTU cabinet on the side of a separator.

Bear Fail Safe Controls are Designed and Manufactured in Alberta

Bear UPS & FSC

The Bear UPS and FSC form the heart of the Bear Fail Safe System. The Bear UPS provides 25 Amps of continuous current when there is a power failure, while the FSC (Fail Safe Controller) monitors the health of the RTU, main and backup power source. When a failure has been detected the FSC will move up to nine DC electric actuators to the safe position automatically.

Bear Fail Safe System 24VDC Reference Design

Bear FSC Datasheet

Bear UPS Datasheet

Bear SVC

The Bear SVC ( Stabilizing Voltage Controller ) is an accessory module to the FSC that provides a stabilized 12VDC@12A or 24VDC@6A from a 10 to 35VDC input. This is useful for when you need to power a 24VDC actuator in a 12 volt system. Another example is the case where your system voltage gets too high, which is often the case with 24VDC Solar systems.

Bear SVC Datasheet

Bear Electric Actuators 

Calscan has a variety of reliable low power linear and 1/4 turn electric actuators we have used to interface to all kinds of valves. In addition to the actuator we can supply the adapters to almost any kind of valve. Available in 12VDC, 24VDC and 120VAC. Contact our sales department to give you a quote.


Big Thrust Linear

Easily installed on standard control valves such as standard ET and D-body valves the Bear BA series of linear actuators can be used in processes for throttling or on-off control. 

Bear BA Linear Datasheet 

Quarter Turn 

Calscan 1/4 turn electric actuators uses the SSR3 to enable power fail safe connection with feedback. Its can used on a variety of ball and and 1/4 turn choke valves.

Bear 1/4 Turn Datasheet

Bear SSR3 Datasheet

Small Thrust Linear

Suited for quick acting dump valves the Bear SA series of linear actuators can be used in processes for throttling or on-off control.  These actuators uses the SSR3 to enable tight shut off and a power fail safe connection with feedback. 

Datasheet Coming Soon Phone for Assistance

Bear SSR3 Datasheet


Example Field Installs


Same Fisher E Body Valve Before and After Retrofit with BA-15L 
Forum Choke with 4-20mA QT Actuator
2018 Modern Resources: Retrofit to Zero Emission
2018 Modern Resources: Electric Displacers
2018 Modern Resources: Bear BA-15 Linear and Quarter Turn Valves
2009: Prototype Solar Powered Bear Zero Emission Separator with GLCC
2010-2012 Taqa North: Over 80 Greenfield Zero Emission Separators using the Bear