Raven Haznet RS485 IS Safety Barrier

Din Rail RavenThe Din Rail Raven is suitable for interfacing the Hawk to a SCADA system in the field

The Raven allows safe communication via its RS-485 port to a Hawk that is mounted in a hazardous location. Certified by CSA it will prevent the possibility of explosion by keeping out up to 220 volt AC in a DIV2 zone from reaching the Hawk if something fails.The Raven has three interface ports, USB, RS232 and a half duplex RS485. This allows it to be hooked to almost anything with some kind of serial port such as a laptop, PLC or SCADA system without resorting to an expensive to implement fieldbus such as Profibus. Standard serial protocols like modbus can then be used since the Raven is protocol independent.

Calscan also carries a model that is USB only in a ruggedized case. This is typically used by testers in the field that are using a wired communication interface to the Hawk or another compatible RS485 port.

Raven Manual with Installation Drawings