Hawk Surface Logger

The Hawk is a low-power surface data logger with a suite of integrated sensors used to measure and log pressure, temperature, liquid and gas flow in Div 1 Class 1 hazardous locations typically seen on oil and gas wells. Designed to work from -40°C to 80°C in harsh northern Canada conditions, it's the perfect tool for collecting data for a variety of surface tests.


Pressure Measurement: The Hawk can have one or two built-in silicon pressure sensors for low pressures, ranging up to 15000 psi. Also available are up to two quartz pressure sensors to measure pressure up to 30000 psi. The Hawks proprietary electronics and filtering algorithms ensure very stable pressures that remain within the accuracy statement even when ambient temperatures are changing quickly.

Temperature Measurement: The Hawk can have up to 3 built in Platinum RTD probes to measure temperatures, such as flowing gas.

Liquid Flow Measurement: The Hawk can log up to 4 liquid turbines at once. Much more than just a simple totalizer, the Hawk allows you to log changes in flow rate over time as fast as 1 sample per second. In addition, other sensors such as pressure can be measured at the same time which makes the Hawk perfect for injectivity tests.

Gas Flow Measurement: With the Hawk's built in sensors and gas algorithms it can log gas flow rates using industry standard techniques such as orifice plates, V-cones, or gas turbines. Liquid rates, other temperatures and pressure points can be logged simultaneously with the Hawk as well.

Streaming Internet Connection: The Hawk can have remote communication through the internet to allow viewing and downloading of the data through a Web page with only a few seconds of delay. One vendor that provides such a service is MRL Solutions.

Batch Remote Downloading: With Calscan Cell Link, you can remotely download a Hawk up to once an hour to a local computer.

Reporting and Plotting:  After your data is logged, our Calwin interface software can view the data and do simple reports such as Hydrostatic and Extrapolated 24 hr Flow tests. Calwin's graphing engine, unlike Microsoft Excel,  can quickly handle millions of data points from many tools, with multiple axes, and annotations. Reports and graphs can be saved for later viewing and can be exported to PDF.

Hawk Specifications

For Portable Testing Applications the Hawk 9000 Data Sheet

For Permanent Gas Measurement see the Hawk 9500 Data Sheet

For Hydrostatic Testing see the Hawk 9000HST Data Sheet

For Vent Gas Measurement see the Hawk Vent Gas Measurement Brochure



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