Quartz Downhole Gauges

For more demanding applications, Calscan also offers logging tools utilizing industry leading Quartzdyne sensors.


Calscan's Wolverine quartz downhole tools provide the oilfield industry with superior data, reliability and performance.

The Wolverine uses Quartzdyne pressure sensors and can be used in temperatures up to 177°C

Standard Wolverine PDF brochure


Hybrid Wolverine

The most expensive tool is the tool that fails on a test. With the new Hybrid Wolverine, Calscan has incorporated its many years of experience to help address the main failure modes downhole pressure loggers see in extreme conditions.

The Hybrid Wolverine uses a custom high temperature package and electronic components that work up to 200°C. As a result, the logging electronics do not need to be replaced after every run. With pressures up to 30000 psi it is the ultimate pressure logging tool when well conditions get tough.

Hybrid Wolverine 200 °C PDF brochure