Silicon sensor

Downhole Well Testing

Many downhole tests such as a buildups and gradients requires the measuring pressure and tempearature. Calscan has a variety of tools that meet different testing requirements shown on the table below. All our tools are built to be as user friendly, durable, shock resistant .

How durable? Customers can modify their TCP (Tubbing
Conveyed Perforating) Drop bar and attach a Badger+ inline.
With proper setup, nine times out of ten the tool will survive
the drop and explosion.


When the tool does need service you can count on our
experienced technicians to quickly diagnose and get the tool
back in your hands. Typically less than two weeks after we
have received the tool at our factory in Canada. 

Tool <150°C <177°C <200°C Quartz Fast Wet Temperature Extended Duration Harsher Conditions 0.75" Diameter 1.25" Diameter
Badger+ X               x
Badger LT X         X X   x
Badger HT X X         X   x
Mole+ X             X  
Triple Tool X       X       x
Wolverine X X   x         x
Hybrid Wolverine X X X x     X   x