SRO System in Northern Alberta

Downhole measurement is a tough environment. Failure of a downhole sensor is a expensive repair as the whole Tubing Encapsulated Conductor (TEC) has to be pulled to service. Calscan downhole SRO gauges are designed for ease of installation, trouble shouting and to be as rugged as possible to reduce these expenses.

On the surface the Hawk is used to interface the SRO tool downhole. This allows you to log surface values such as tubing and casing pressure, flow and temperatures at the same time. As well the SRO system can be attached to a SCADA system and all the values can be sent via Modbus.

Bubble Tube

Bubble Tube System Installed for

Imperial Oil Cold Lake Cyclic Solvent Pilot Project


In corrosive or extreme heat downhole environments where electronics will fail, a Calscan Bubble Tube system is a viable option. A simple capillary tube is installed downhole open to the required measurement position. To make a measurement from surface a constant volumetric rate of gas flow,  nitrogen, is fed through the bubble tube submerged in the liquid or high pressure gas.

The amount of pressure required to force the bubble gas out of the bottom of the tube is equal to the hydrostatic pressure at that point minus any flow pressure loses. As there is no electronics downhole,  you don't have to worry about electronics failing.

Calscan can custom design the surface electronics to meet your accuracy, power and environmental requirements.