GHG & Surface Casing Vent Measurement

The Hawk Vent Gas Meter is designed to measure and digitally log low flow vent gas, such as methane, with high accuracy. Typical applications are surface casing vent, pneumatic control gas usage, and any vent gas where high accuracy measurement and audit trails are required.

Since the Hawk uses a positive displacement diaphragm meter extremely low flow rates can be measured, down to 0.50 cubic feet per day ( 0.014 m3/day ).

Unlike other solutions, the Hawk uses a precision pressure sensor and an external temperature probe in order to properly compensate for atmospheric pressure and temperature changes and accurately measure extremely low gas flow rates. As a result, the Hawk's flow measurement accuracy is better than +/-2%. It is ideal for measuring and logging vent gas flows, particularly green house gases emissions such as methane, from a surface casing vent.


Hawk Vent Gas Measurement Brochure