Compressor Seals Vent Gas Measurement


Reciprocating and centrifugal compressors drive natural gas containing methane through pipelines. These compressors have seals that wear and start to vent some of this natural gas as part of their normal operation. Starting in 2020 in Canada compressor vents will need to me measured annually to ensure there are no excessive vent flow rates that contribute to our greenhouse gas emissions.

The standard Hawk Vent Gas Meter is designed to measure and digitally log vent gas flows from 0.028 to 340 m3/day. The rates are typically found on compressor seals, surface casing and pneumatic controls for flows. For larger compressors, like on major pipelines, the seal vent rates that can reach over 2000 m3/day. The Hawk can be configured with a portable gas turbine to measure these extremely large flow rates.

The Hawk Vent Gas Meter is no lab grade toy. It is designed to be used unattended in the field where vent gas is not always clean and field conditions can be muddy. Light weight, portable, hazardous location approved, designed and built in Canada for Canadian conditions. The Hawk is trusted by Industry, Governments and Academia across North America to provide accurate logged vent flow field data.


Low Back Pressure < 1 kPa

Wide Flow range: 0.028 m3/da

y to 340 m3/day (0.0012  m3/hr to  14.2 m3/hr )

Measurement accuracy <±2%

Light weight stainless steel frame and piping for low maintenance

Pressure and temperature compensated with industry standard flow equations

Logged data for ease of verification

Div 1 Class 1 Hazardous location approved

PDF report generation

Hawk Vent Gas Measurement