Hawk Surface Measurement Solutions

The Hawk is a battery powered compact data logging instrument that allows you to measure a suite of sensors such as pressure, temperature, liquid and gas flow. Its compact, rugged, intrinsically safe design allows it to be used in explosive atmospheres typically seen on oil and gas wells in ambient temperatures of -40°C to +60°C.

A key feature of the Hawk is stable pressure measurement. Pressure sensors are highly sensitive to changes in ambient temperature. The Hawks proprietary electronics and filtering algorithms ensure very stable pressures.


Surface Buildup and Monitoring

By monitoring dry gas well buildups with a Hawk and using Cullender-Smith, the bottom hole pressure can be calculated. This is a much more cost effective alternative than using downhole gauges.

Hawk9000 on build-up test

Hydrostatic and Mechanical Integrity Testing

The Hawk’s stable pressure sensors and PDF reporting for pipeline, vessels and packer isolation tests bring accuracy and accountability to the hydrostatic pressure testing process. Optimized for portable or truck mounted applications the Hawk will simplify your testing procedures.

Hydrostatic Test

DFIT and Offset Well Monitoring

Two Channel Hawk on DFIT test

The Hawk can monitor all if its sensors at the same time, including gas flow, at a one second sample rate for rapidly changing data. On a Diagnostic Fracture Injection Test (DFIT), quality of data is very important as a derivative analysis will be used. The Hawks ultra stable pressure sensors will provide the superior data your reservoir engineers will need.

Production Testing and Flow Proving

Hawk Configured with Battery Powered Differential Meter

With the Hawk built in sensors and gas algorithms it can log gas flow rates using industry standard techniques such as orifice plate, V-cone or gas turbine. It is the perfect tool to increase the efficiency, quality and accountability of your production test.

Low Flow Fuel Gas Measurement

Low flow fuels gas can be measured with the Hawk using gas turbines. At Fuel gas pressures of 689 kPa (100 psi ) the Hawk can measure down to 110 m3/day ( 3800 ft3/day ). The Hawk is intrinsically safe, meets API 21 and ARC Directive 17 guidelines, and is battery powered making installation easy. The Hawk can run for over 3 years on a single battery and can display daily and monthly gas totals so SCADA is not required.

Hawk Configured with 1 inch Gas Meter Run
Hawk Configured with Diaphragm Meter

Vent Gas Measurement

When you need to measure gas that is venting into the atmosphere it is critical to measure the atmospheric pressure as it is a significant source of error. Our advanced 270 psia 0.040 %FS or ±0.11 psi (0.744 kPa) pressure sensor combined with our electric diaphragm meter, allow flow rates down to 0.014 m3/day ( 0.50 ft3/day ) with better than 2% total flow accuracy. Often a tester needs to do a flow and buildup. If 270 psia is not enough pressure for the buildup, the Hawk can be outfitted with a 1500 psi sensor with a total flow accuracy of 5%. A Hawk setup for Vent Gas Measurement allows you to measure, log, and audit vent gas, including surface casing vent.

Hawk Vent Gas Measurement Brochure

Precision CO2/N2/Air Flow Measurement

The volumes measured off trucks are notoriously inaccurate.

Hawk Configured with 2 inch Meter Run


By using a Hawk configured for gas turbine, highly accurate pump rates can be recorded with turndown ratios of 40:1.