Our Solutions

Calscan Solutions is an instrumentation and control company that manufactures downhole and sub-surface pressure recorders, flow computers, solar powered separator controls and cyclone separators. Our solutions are used by such companies as:


Some applications for our products are shown below:

  • Greenhouse Gas
  • Zero GHG
    Venting Controls for Separators

    Calscan’s low power field proven solar electrical controls can replace all the fuel gas powered pneumatic systems on a separator, eliminating the need to vent methane.

  • GHG & Surface Casing Vent Measurement

    The Hawk 9000 Vent Gas Meter is designed to measure and digitally log low flow greenhouse vent gas, such as methane, with high accuracy and audit trails. It's ideal for Surface Casing Vent measurement.

  • Surface & Fracking Measurement
  • Buildups / Flow / Hydrostatic Testing

    The Hawk 9000 surface gauge can be configured to log well build ups, hydrostatic tests, and liquid and gas flows.

  • Low-Flow Fuel Gas Measurement

    The battery powered Hawk 9500 configured with a high performance gas turbine can measure and log the low flow gas on compressors and vapor recovery units.

  • Fracking
    DFIT & OFFSET Monitoring

    When you need to monitor rapidly changing data, the Hawk can monitor all if its sensors at the same time with a one second sample rate.

  • Separator
  • Portable Cyclone Test Separators

    The Bear Portable Cyclone Test Separator uses cyclone technology to improve the separation performance and reduce the physical size compared with standard separators.

  • Excessive Tank Venting

    The Bear Cyclone Separator improves the separation, drastically reducing atmospheric venting (as well as Carbon Tax obligations).

  • Modern Separator Packages

    The Bear Electric Control System replaces pneumatic controls: Solving fuel gas problems, eliminating venting, and reducing maintenance.

  • Downhole Measurement
  • TCP / Gradient / Buildup Testing

    Calscan’s fleet of reliable downhole pressure temperature recorders can be used for a variety of testing situations for pressures up to 30000 psi and temperatures to 200°C.

  • SRO and BubbleTube

    Calscan make a variety of downhole pressure monitoring systems that can be read from surface for permanent and drop spool applications.