Zero GHG Venting Controls for Separators

Unlike traditional pneumatic controls, Calscan's Solar Powered Electric Controls vent Zero Greenhouse gasses.

Since the dawn of the oil age, separators on the well head have been used to separate the oil, water, gas emulsion that comes out of every oil well. A separator is typically a large tank where the emulsion is given enough time to separate out. As the liquids are separated there is a control system that monitors that the oil and water levels.


When they reach a certain level valves are opened to dump liquid into tanks or back into the pipeline. These control system and valve are pneumatically controlled meaning they are powered by pressurized gas. On the vast majority of wells this gas is actually the gas from the well itself.  Industry calls this “fuel gas”, which is mostly made up of methane (a potent greenhouse gas). When the controls operate, this fuel gas is vented directly into the atmosphere.

Calscan has developed a 21st century solution, the Bear Electric Control System, that can replace all the pneumatically powered controls and valving with low power electric system running off solar panels. We go beyond Low-Bleed and have a complete No-Bleed / Zero-Bleed solution.  There is no need for fuel gas except for heating in cold climates. When you eliminate the fuel gas powered pneumatic controls, you stop spewing greenhouse gases just to operate your separator.

The Bear Control System PDF brochure