About Us

Founded in 1995, Calscan Solutions began doing custom reporting, calibration and service of oilfield downhole sensors. The company quickly developed a reputation for dependability and calibrations that outperformed the original manufacturers.

So it was only natural that in 1997 Calscan started developing one of the first downhole electronic pressure recorders, the Badger. Used in reservoir analysis, it soon became known for its reliability and long battery life due to its rugged low power design.

Throughout the early 2000’s, Calscan’s design team developed pressure loggers, cyclone separators and gas flow computers, becoming experts in low power reliable designs that were suited to the extreme environments of Canadian winters.

In 2009, to address high maintenance costs and greenhouse emissions of using methane gas to power the pneumatic controls on well site separators, Calscan started developing the zero emission Bear Solar Powered Controller. Using the expertise gained from building low power designs, the Bear can be run off of solar panels in northern locations, where there is as little as 1 hour per day of full sunlight in December. With hundreds of installs across Alberta and BC, it has prevented thousands of tons of greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere.

Calscan is committed to “Keeping the Sky Blue” by reducing well site GHG emissions through innovative and progressive design.