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Hawk - Internet and Medium Range Wireless Links

Using CalScan's Haznet Real-Time technology wireless telementary can be safely and easily achieved.

If remote viewing is needed the Hawk can be attached to third party cell/satellite connections to the internet. Using the Raven Haznet RS485 barrier or a Corvus any device with a RS232, RS485 or USB connection can safely talk to a Hawk in a Div1 zone.

Internet Web Access

Silicon sensorA MRL Radio and a Hawk on a CoalBed Methane Well. click for larger viewOne example of a 3rd party solution that Cal-Scan clients is by MRL Integrated Solutions Ltd. MRL's system has been developed to perform data communications, data delivery and access services from the well site to the client's desktop.  The web interface uses 128 bit encryption and an extensive, easy to use permissions and administration structure to allow multiple customers to view data without the risk of making their data available to others.  Access controls can be set on a per company, per group within that company, or per user basis.  Special features have also been incorporated for tight-hole procedures.  Individual sites can be administered through a two way communications interface called the Job Manager.  All communications to and from the site, regardless of the carrier's communications protocol are encrypted by MRL with a 1024 bit pre-shared key for excellent security.  Contact Cal-Scan or MRL to have your account set-up today. 

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